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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Random Winter

Here they are building a fort.

my HONEY helped me carry wood up for a fire.
He is an awesome helper.
He loves being outside, like his mommy!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

diaper cake

A friend of mine is having a baby shower this weekend and I have always wanted to make a diaper cake. They go for about $68.00 if you order them online. I made mine for roughly $30 bones. Here is a list of supplies that I used.
1. Glitter card board for the base
2. stickers
3. rubber bands
4. diapers
5.double sided tape
6. topper of your choice ( I used a nest with a sparkly blue egg cause she is having a boy in the spring)
I used a rubber band to make the center ring
then I took another rubber band around one of those and kept building upon each other.

I found these cute stickers to embelish. I have seen people use silk flowers and also tuck in baby toys here and there.

I cut a cardboard base out of sparkly scrapbook paper. My friend is kinda a sparkly girl so tho she is having a boy I think she will dig the blue bling.
I am a nature kind of girl so I love the spring reference with the birds nest. I hope she does to.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Field Trip at Health Works

Parkers 2nd grade class went to Health Works. I enjoyed being a chaperone. Something that would have been difficult to do with the daycare. Another reason why I love my job. Vacation days to help out at my boys school and hang out with them.

Parker was selected to go up and help with a demonstration.

docking station

We started with a metal file box that I scored for $1.00 at a resale shop.
The hubs drilled holes in the back.
Literally took less than 3 minutes.
The honey added some washers to clean up the holes.
He didn't even complain once.
He totally scored some points with me.

We wanted to put something down to protect the cell phones from getting scratched up, so we used a piece of linoleum.
If you are going to do this project it is important to use a metal box versus paper.
I have read that the devices can sometimes get hot.

This is how it looked in the end. It fits all 3 cell phones and enough room to charge the ds's.

I may paint it or add a really cool knob I bought. If I do I will for sure show you. But so far we like it the way it is. It is alot better than a pile of cell phones and ds's.

Friday, March 4, 2011

resale hopping

Thats right! I have been hitting the resale shops and I am coming up with some good stuff. Stay tuned for more. My new favorite word is upcycling. Find 0ut more next week.

Brown boots ($10.00 kinda steep, I know. I don't like to pay more than $5.00 for used but they were in pretty good shape)
pretty cup and saucer I am planting a flowr in for a gift for my friend at work.
Jeans 2.50
shirt 2.50
cotton hankies 2 for $1.00 (remember those people, I have some vintage from my grandma I want to frame for my craft room)
2 shirts for the boys 3.00 each
a metal box we are converting to a docking station this weekend. 1.00
dress pants for the hubs $5.00
a picture I am having my art friend make changes to for an gift for someone. 12.50 (steep, yes, but it was a water color picture in a nice frame from a local gallery. It's gonna be worth it. I can't wait to show you guys this)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New years resolution for March

My new years resolution for the month of March is to make some soup for someone.
Hmmm, if you get sick and I know about it. You could be a recipient of a pot of love (or some lovings as Payton would say).