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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

hanging out with the neighbor. Little P's best bud!

Little P's now on two wheels

Outdoor Painting Day

finished the patio

The before. Park helped with almost the whole thing.

4H fair

They sure are weird looking things.
John won $100.00 and $50.00 went to riding fair rides.

Parker played the game where you slam the hammer down on the scale and make the bell ring and won this. He could not believe it. Fair games have changed alot since I was a kid. Now you tell them what prize you are trying to win and that determines the price of the game and they give the kids lots of turns and make sure that they win one way or the other. But honestly I think Parker won ligit.

Parker named his dog Blue Dot and Payton named his Bear senior. Ha Ha

This was their favorite ride.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday dad.

Your still the coolest harley man I know!

You gotta love Paytons card he gave you gramps. (We did some stamping and the stamp that Payton chose said "hang in there" he chose to cover one side of the card with it.)

(Parker knows how much gramps likes fishing so he drew him catching a couple huge fish but the pole he was using was drawn with a gold metalic pen that he made me scrumage around till I found, all so that gramps could have a "golden fishing rod".)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Zoo lander

That is Paytons mean face. He is getting ready to pinch someone. I caught you mister.

zoo lander

Parker was so worried about the peacocks because he had thought they escaped from their cages. He kept asking me to call the zoo keepers to let them know.
we met up with a couple of friends at the park. The boys are watcing the old world monkeys.

They really like the carp. They could not believe how big they were. Something I really appreciated was that they were willing to really watch the animals for awhile. They were in no big hurry to move on to the next thing.

Jordy George is a monkey.

I asked Payton to stand by the Boa and this is as close as he was going to get.

Hiking with the Eubanks

The mapster triple checking the path we were on.
Payt really could not make it another inch. Major melt down at the end of the hike. He was so tuckered out.

All I can think of is the rawhide song. Rollin rollin rollin rawhide. I know I'm weird.

Payton getting a superman ride from daddy.

Paytons time to give daddy a ride.

Camping on the 4th

John managed to get the styrofoam yellow bullet out of the tree by throwing my contact saline bottle up and hitting it. I could tell when he started that he thought it wasn't going to work.
But sure enough before to long it came down. My bottle only suffered minor dents. I was a big dork and cheered really loud cause I literally could not believe he got it!

Here is John throwing the bottle up trying to get it out.

4th of July camping

We were right next to the playground. The kids had a lot of freedom to come and go as they pleased. Petey has always loved sand boxes.
Parker taking a mid day snooze.

My little nature lovers.

Our humble abode for a few days.

This picture reminds me of how much our children watch what we do. Parker says and does things that remind me of John. He is very observant. He doesn't ask alot of questions. He just studies what is going on. The things he talks about I can tell he has given a lot of thought to.

swim lessons next door

Parker during free time jumping off the diving board
Parker practicing the back stroke

Payton would always have a giant smile when it was his turn. I remember Park having the same smile. They love it so much.

Beach baby Beach baby

Taylor enjoying the beach
I miss the beach already

The rocks were a big hit. The boys are always told not to throw rocks but when no one was around them I let them go at it. I think they would have done it for hours. They loved trying to make them skip. Little P made one skip three times. It was totally by accident but he has always been pretty lucky. But people started swimming across so they had to stop.

Big P buried his hand in the sand and caught Taylors attention. He kept wiggling it around and pretending it was a crab. She was enthralled. Then slowly he brought it up to the surface. Surprise! That is my little creative boy. He has such an awesome imagination.

The sand at the beach was very rocky. It was painful to walk on. I go to this particular beach because it is usually less populated. The rocks may be the reason why. I just don't remember them from last year. Ouch! (Note to self, wear water shoes next year)