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Friday, April 30, 2010

Trading in for some Loot. So many decisions.
Do I go with two plastic spider rings and a jolly rancher. Or a sticker and a piece of gum. I just can't decide. Let me think about it for a little while longer.

A day for the kids. We did a little drop in on Toys R Us. Then we ended up chillin at Chuckie Cheeses.

The fun just never ends!

Grams and Gramps had a little Party for Payton to.
I love this picture. Grandpa capturing those moments and grandma looking on. It seems to capture grandparenting pretty well in my opinion.

This was birthday number two. He had one more when we got back home.

Dive in.

spring break in Florida

Here is "Little Tank". Grandpa and Grandmas new puppy.
The boys enjoyed having a little puppy to monkey around with.

Payton celebrated his birthday in the van on the drive to Florida. About mid way he got his DS. Boy was he excited.

22 hours is a long car ride. We traveled through the night and each took turns driving. Just yesterday Payton said "mom when we go to Florida again can we fly?"

Go shorty.....it's your birthday.......We're gonna party like its your birthday.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Payton is 5

Grandpa and Shawn enjoying the show

The girls lounging

He had the biggest smile. He loved his birthday! Who doesn't right?

Clowning around in the pool.

His shark cake is full of personality just like him.