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Friday, July 13, 2012

I spy with my little eye

Payton waited 21/2 months while proving that he was responsible to take care of a pet by feeding his brothers dog without complaining, everyday. He saved up enough money to buy the new pet and all the supplies himself. Quite the little thrifter he is he found a cage from a good friend for $5.00 and a tip from the pet store gave us cheaper animal bedding elsewhere. The day had finally arrived to go and get his blessed little baby guinea pig. The first store we eyed these angelic little creatures at was completely sold out. Payton was heart broken so we headed to store #2. To our surprise they had 4 he could choose from. He instantly fell in love with a little light brown and white guinea with a colic on the top of his head. 

Izzy has needed some extra attention these days. I think she is beginning to feel a little slighted by all the turtle and guinea attention being spread around here. A little extra yard time is in order for this pup.
It was love at first site. Payton was so happy he told me he thought he was going to cry. He had waited what must have felt like eternity to have this little guy and the love has been showered on him since.
Meet Spy, who if was a girl was going to be named Tiff Jr. Thank goodness things worked out like they did. I am not sure how I feel about my son wanting to name his guinea after me. But male it is so I didn't have such an honor or dilemma.