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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

all things chocolate

We had a super duper Easter. We got to hang with both sides of the family which was nice. The kids loved the festivities. I got to see my favorite group of women from the spa at church. I felt like God had sent me a special Easter treat by having them there. They are the most amazing people. I love you ladies!
I had the most therapeutic weekend with them a couple of weeks ago. That's funny something just hit me. A spa in most peoples understanding is where you get massages, facials, and eat some spriggy health food. In this case the Spa I am referring to with these ladies is completely different. It is a recovery group that a saint named Sandra started to bring women off of the streets. There is a lot of Study requirements and soul searching these women do while they are under her guidance and being with these gals is being with Jesus. That whole time I spent with them on our women's retreat weekend was a spa for my soul.
If anyone out there is feeling generous, please look into this organization to support. It is saving lives and restoring mothers to their families and answering a lot of prayers.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spiderman Birthday Party

Since Peter Parker delivered Pizza's for extra cashish and it happens to be my Pete's favorite food we made personal pan pizza's for lunch. At four Pete's feeling quite capable of doing things on his own. His most favorable saying these days is "I do it by myself" so we tied it in by having the pizza toppings ready to go and let the guests make their own pizzas. They loved it!!!!!!!
For decorations I used window chalk left over that I decorated the windows with large webs like we had been seriously webbed. I did cupcakes for the first time this year and he didn't seem to mind not having a cake. Since his birthday was right before easter, I knew the kids would be bombarded with lots of candy so I filled the eggs with some candy but mostly tickets. We did the spider egg-hunt and the kids got to turn their tickets in for prizes. The prizes were left over oriental trading company stuff from other birthday parties. Everyone left with something different and unique. Little P's in love with arcades and he loves turning his tickets in for things so it was right up his alley. Our house had way better prizes though.

Grams and Gramps: P went to target and he had a little shopping spree with your gift you sent
he bought wolverine claws, two star wars ships with guys, and two batman vehicles with batman characters. Thanks so much. He had the best birthday the only thing he was missing was you. No guilt trip here.

Little P's 4