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Monday, February 20, 2012

Knock your socks off Bionicles

Here they are one day when we made an effort to turn off the tv. They were making cool creations. They wanted to submit their ideas to the bionicle company. We have to name them first. I love hearing them ask me to look at what they made.
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New Years Eve 2011

Here is the group this year. It was nice to have the big kids around with some of their friends. The kids are growing up so fast.
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We had our Christmas party at the Essenhaus during break. It was fabulous. It makes me hungry for roast beef and cherry pie just thinking about it. I am learning so much from these ladies. It has been a huge blessing.
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winterwonderland 2012 part 2

Here are some extras. Park is such a trooper. He is always game for family time. Especially when it involves the great outdoors. I think he has a touch of the nature bug, like his momma. Last year I did a post here http://tt-crashboombang.blogspot.com/2011/01/top-things-we-love-about-winter.html. on what we like best about winter. John had the chance to experience his today. Believe it or not 2 days after our winter playtime we had record temps of 54 degrees. I have one more winter activity planned and it involves snow. We are waiting patiently here, Indiana. 
We got home in time to warm up to a bowl of stone soup. Yes, I know what your thinking. But we just read it fairly recently in school so I was in the mood to recreate it at home for the kids. It was pretty darn good, if you ask me. And finally a use for those darn Christmas candy canes that won't go away. We added a few to the hot chocolate and walla. Gourmet hot chocolate.

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Winter Wonderland 2012 part 1

Sunday was surprisingly sunny and not unbearably cold (for some of us). So we decided to hang outside for a little bit and experience the winter. Some of us took a lot of bribing with sugary substances to join the fam. But thankfully nobody knows you better than your mom and we were united in our pursuit of togetherness. We ventured to a local park to go for a winter walk. Unlike in the summer time, the park was desolate. Quite and Serene. We enjoyed what the day had to offer but not as much as our youngest, Izzy. Have you ever seen a dog smile? She was all smiles. Unfortunately she is camera shy and never posed in her pearly whites for me. She is the hardest creature to photograph.

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