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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trip to the Apple Orchard

The apple lady was very annimated. She loved her job and it made it that much more enjoyable for us.

Here is P with his teacher.
After a hayride and picking the gourds (my personal favorite) and apples we tried some of their cider. The weather cooperated and everyone was in good spirits.

Later that day I took the boys back to pick their pumpkins. They chose the biggest pumpkins in our history of pumpkin choosing.. We carved them with friends Friday night. Payton drew a frankenstein face and Parker insisted on a third eye for his traditional pumpkin face. No one vomited while cleaning out the inerds. It all turned out lovely.

We think Sunflowers are drooping because they are sad to see summer go.

"I picked apples high up in the air"

-Little P

Little P and some of his classmates.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Remembering...............I wish for a time machine for one reason only. I want to go back and hold my little ones and rock them to sleep again.

My Hero

A force to reckon with.

Cheeser Face

John gave them the nickname "Cheese-face" and they are living up to it here.

My little Peter Pan

where did my baby go?

Cedar Point

Waiting for the park to open and tossing around the football.
Meet the totally adorable Kyle and Kristin.

Waiting at the cheese on the stick booth. Johnnys favorite.

Awe, Ride pal's

The very first ride that Parker went on was the Millenium Force and now that I look back on it I was completly insane for letting him ride it. Like I am actually gonna let some amusement park tell me when my child is tall enough to ride one the of the largest roller coasters in the world. I don''t even remember the ride. The whole time I was trying to stretch my arm to hold him in. After we got off someone asked if he was gonna ride it again and he said "Not today". My poor baby was scared poopless. Every ride after that in the snoopy area was "so wimpy". Now he is a roller coaster expert.

Can't wait to test the rides out themselves.

There was a Halloween theme going on that my kids despised. They hate the horror stuff. We missed out on TgI Fridays because they put a decaying corps at the entrance of the resteraunt.
Way to go!!!! Can't advertise to be family friendly with stuff like that. Hello marketing.

Angel girl

This is my little angel girl. She is the best back up babysitter ever!!!!! We all love it when K. comes over.

Missing Buttcheeks!

I took the boys to Stones Trace to see the way they used to do things in the late 1800's and early 1900's. When I was a kid my parents would take us and there would be several groups one of which would dress like Indians and travel in T.p.'s. It was quite amazing. Full leather outfits I remember very distinctly the flaps on the back of the leather pants the use is only up to the imagination in our house. Maybe an air vent or could be for quick bathroom use. Whatever. If they moved just right you could see a cheek. This stood out to me as a child. So like any good mother of two little boys I totally talked up the buttcheeks to my kids. Times sure have changed. We didn't see one cheek. There were hardly any Indians at all. What the heck. I am starting to sound like my parents when I compain how things were better when I was a kid.

Hani Yummys

Lets get this party started right with a little onion ring volcano.
He looks like a stud doesn't he? He is the perfect little honey if I might say so myself. Someone out there is gonna be one lucky lady someday.

We love you K family. You are the greatest.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wine Talk

We have plenty of Whine talk at my house I guess I thought it time for my own.

A glass a day keeps the blues away.

Ok, so I had two glasses this evening, heres some ramblings under the influence.

Oliver Winery makes my cough syrup.

I love me some Jesus and wine.

Everydays communion at my house!

Since nobody but my good buddy reads this anyway, I thought what the hey.

a shout out to J-Neen. (Thats your new rap name) Coined by yours truely.