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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Winding down in Disney

A big huge thank you to Mike for the park tickets and discount.
perfect ending to a magical day!

Darth Maul

Parker-"there are so many ways to use the force."
"You could choke someone."
"You can pull people up and push them down."
Mom-" could the force clean your room?"
Parker-"It could pick stuff up"
Mom "why dont you go try it out in your room"

He was right there in front of us. My kids clung to us with death grips.
Their shows were over the top awesome. We were not disappointed.

Hollywood Studios

The star Wars ride and props were the boys favorite part

Animal Kingdom

The tree of Life

The fam

Vacation 2010

Sun setting on the course

Us spending the day at the beach

More shots from Florida

At the Einstein museum we saw several unique trees. We also saw a fig tree and a potato tree that had an actual potato hanging from one of its branches. We were told that the insect that pollinates potato trees is now extinct so it can't reproduce. After it is dead it is gone forever.

Grandma waited and watched for hours......and hours. There is no amount of sun screen to keep up with the Florida sun!

Splash water park. It was a lot of fun.

Happy mothers day to our fun and crazy grandma Sheryle