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Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King Day

Hanging out today.
Some of the bigger kids built Izzy a fort in the back yard
and a bed made out of ice.

Izzy is growing

I had to get some pictures of her. She is growing so quickly.
Here she is in the cage. She is a good sport about hanging out in there while I run the daycare. I love the paw on the front of the cage like she is asking me to let her out.

We have fallen in love. She has a very sweet personality.
She can be a stinker at times. But with the dog whisperers advice I think that we will make it.

Both of the drawings are from Park. He is very good to her and has filled into the responsibility of taking care of her. Now if we can just get the fish fed we will be doing well. (Not going to mention who's chore that it is. Not Parkers though)
Poor Nemo.

Park and Payt made these at boy scouts.
Can you tell who they are of?
Who is all black and has floppy ears?

1st hockey game ever/ Kalamazoo Hockey

Our team won!

It was a surprise for Melissa's 30th
We just went from being ok parents to the coolest mom and dad ever in our kids eyes.

The troopers totally didn't believe that we were taking this photo of John for our kids sake. The huge smile could have given it away.

This is with some Fam there.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year

We hung out with the Defauws for New Years. We will have to get together again soon. It was alot of fun. We now have a tradition on our hands. Is this year the 4th year guys? Anyway, I tell them that one of these years they will want to do something different but until then........Count us in. We finally have Payton refering to Dave as "our friend" rather than "your boss dad".
Payt crashed early so here we are all crowded around the sleeping child.