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Sunday, October 24, 2010

made it

Ok, Chicago was dreamy. Got to go to Ikea as well as hit the kid spots. I bought an area rug for 13.99 and another one for 19.99. Saved some cha-ching there. Planning another trip soon, without the kiddo's. Right Deanna?
Sold some large kid items at the yard sale and made the paper flowers. Got to see them hanging in all their glory at the baptism. It's hard to call it a baby baptism it was more like a wedding reception. Holy cow it was beautiful. All in all I would say that I was able to maintain peace. Now it is time to rest my head so I am going to bed. Goodnight all!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

fall break is not gonna break me

Heading to Legoland in Chicago with the kids and the Elizaldes tomorrow. Boys are so excited they can't sleep. Mom is so busy she can't sleep. Looking forward to my first fall break since the big switcharoo in occupations. I love working at the preschool. I miss the munchkins don't get me wrong. The plan is for them to come over on Friday and help me with the garage sale. I have to sell some kid gear. It is filling up the garage and basement. I also am making 20 or so giant flowers like the ones I had at Parkers birthday party for Miranda's babys dedication. Now that I take account of my to do list it doesn't feel like much of a break. We'll see how I feel after this weekend. I do believe it is possible to be at peace while I'm busy. But can I accomplish it. Hmmm I will keep you posted. Sounds like a challenge to me.

family pic

Went for a walk along the river. We stumbled upon an "art in the barn" show.
Kids went on a hayride, saw some naked people art, ran into Kyan (preschool student) and cousin who warned us about the naked people art (in case it was to much for
innocent children), hung out with our friends and ate fried chicken. Couldn't ask for
a better day.

Monday, October 18, 2010

the colts flag football team

Park is number 13. They certainly have inherited their fathers love of the game.

These photo's are taken by my friend Jeannine. She is getting pretty good!

We have a team of very talented players.
It has been very enjoyable to watch them play.