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Monday, March 23, 2009

Easter egg idea

I bought these styrofoam eggs for a $1.00 but I wasn't sure what to do with them. Then I got the idea to top a candlestick with them. I think it looks kinda cute.

New favorite soup

My list of favorite things about it.
1. 260 cal for the whole can
2. It is super filling
3. Eating it is like a mini vacation
4. It's not chicken noodle soup again
5. Of course it is quick in the microwave
6. The ingredients are chunky, you actually chew it. No sogginess!
It is definitely my new go to. I eat it 3x a week for lunch.

No corn on the cob for you!

Both of P's front teeth came out this week. It was really exciting.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

mommy I need some help

We have been big into Webkinz lately since Parker won two at his school fun fair.
Payton loves getting on and moving furniture around and playing some of the games. He was playing the other morning when he got himself into a game of battleship that he needed help with. I hopped on to try and win the battle for him and he kept coming up to me saying that he wanted eggs for breakfast. Pretty soon he came back and said mommy I need some help. So I forfeited the game and went in the kitchen. The first thing I noticed was the oil was out with the cap off. I thought to myself boy I got here just in time. Then my eye moved to the floor to find the skillet lid sitting out. I then looked at the stove to find the skillet with a 1/4" of oil and an egg floating in the middle of it, YOLK WHOLE, NO EGGSHELLS! Shocking I know. The help he needed was to get the stove on. He pretty much felt he had the rest under control. When he stands at the stove the middle of his chin is at the top of the stove. He did all of this without a step stool. After I explained to him the dangers of the stove and until he gets older he must have mommy with him while cooking. I could not help but be amazed. Watch out Emeril. The kids got talent.
I must mention that for thanksgiving I had to cook for two households and made a total of 9 dishes and Payton stood there for 3 hours and helped with 7 of them.