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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The wait is over!

Santa must have come around 2:00 and Parker woke us to tell us that he had been here around 3:30, I think. It was all a blurr. However John thought quickly, in the midst of the stupor, to tell Parker that we needed to stay in bed until 5:00. I am not sure how long it took Park to fall back asleep but we successfully slept until 6:30. It was a miracle.  
After tearing through the pile we headed to my parents house for a biscuit and gravy feast. We lounged around there for a while visiting my brothers and their families. Then we went home to relax. John wasn't feeling well the earlier part of the day but hung out for a little while in his new chair and caught a football game. It is nice being close to my parents house because I ran a breakfast plate home to him. He was able to come and be with us in the afternoon. We didn't have the white Christmas Parker has been praying for. The weather felt more like thanksgiving. Parker had asked for a super sled for Christmas and hasn't been able to use it yet. We have our fingers crossed for snow because we aren't willing to give up hope. John had Monday off and we have been vegetables since. We did fit in a few games of bowling and rollerskating with the scouts. And our good friends came over for some family time. But other than that we are chillin like a villain. We enjoy finishing the year in a state of mellow.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day at Daddies work

John has been working off and on at Notre Dame since the beginning of his apprenticeship 15yrs ago. Friday we met him after work so he could show us around this amazing campus. It was very quiet because the students were off for Christmas break. It was a desolate place with not more than racks of bikes and busy squirrels taking advantage of the extra time to gather more for winter. We went for a 2 hour hike around and popped into buildings every once in a while to check out the architecture. It was fun listening to the stories that daddy had to tell about the inside scoop on the campus known for sculpting the body, mind, and soul. It was a sunny winter day. Surprisingly beautiful and still. I can only imagine how it's beauty increases with each season. I took advantage of the scenery and caught a few shots. I particularly like seeing my boys walking toward an open arm Jesus. That is exactly what it is like. We are looking forward to another visit of this beautiful campus and to see it in full bloom.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Do your chores or else!

Payton had a chore of brushing Izzy. However Izzy hates to be brushed so he came up with the idea to put her in the cage and lock her in so he could brush her. We were impressed with figuring out how to complete his task.

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rockin the Jesus

John had the kids brainstorm what they wanted to do for the Christmas program this year. And the sky was the limit. So the ideas were flying. Since majority rules and there is only like one girl vs 5 boys. They voted to have a live action comic of the story of the birth of Jesus. The highlights were the Beatles references (bet you can't guess who came up with those) and cute little baby Jesus. We got a couple laugh bursts from the audience at various parts and Baby Juan (Jesus) was completely shocked of his roll up on the big screen. 

SARHAphin angel dropping the bomb on Joe.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Mashed potato Martini?

Went to a Christmas party at the Kramers this year. My friend Kelly and I love to be creative and stretch ourselves to new levels of party planning. She is especially gifted in entertaining. She is quite the party animal and knows how to throw a doozie. This years festivities included me being introduced to the movie Bridesmaids. Gut splitter by the way. Total chick flick. Also tried a mashed potato bar that we ate (with our pinkys out) in martini glasses. The mood was light and everyone was estatic to be on the guest list.

Posted by PicasaThe ambiance was so perfect that someone proposed to their future Mrs's right there in front of us. That was another first for me other than my own magical moment.
Kell is already working on the Oscar party. Looks like I need to carve out some time for a 2011 movie marathon to be able to cast a fair vote.
Thanks Mark for letting your wife whoop it up for us and thanks Kelly for being a creative junky.

Carmel corn

Here is a picture and recipe for delicious EASY carmel corn. We made extra for others. If you didn't get any we apologize. We just couldn't stop eating the stuff! But here is the recipe. If you don't believe me You can try it out for yourself and let me know what you think.
 #1 make 4qts of popcorn

#2 In a microwave safe dish
cook in microwave for 5 min.
1 c brown sugar
1/2 c butter
1/4 c light karo syrup
and a dash of salt

#3 place popcorn in large brown bag. When carmel is all melted pour over the popcorn and fold down the top of the bag.

#4 place in microwave for 11/2 min. Take out and shake up. Return bag to microwave for 1 min. Pull out and shake bag to mix the carmel corn all around. Then return the bag to the microwave and heat .30 seconds. Remove and shake.

#5 Pour the popcorn onto cookie sheet or foil lined counter to let cool. Please try a piece while it is still warm it is the very best at that point.

This is compliments of my mother. She would make this occassionaly for us and my children are forever grateful!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 days of Christmas list

1. Make gingerbread cookies, buckeyes and lemon drop cookies
2. Go look at christmas lights
3. Watch Christmas movie and string popcorn and cranberrys for the trees outside.
4. Christmas program at church.
5. Make carmel corn.
6. Take a tray of cookies to our recently widowed neighbor. ;o(
7. Go to Michaels and make a Christmas ornament.
8. Take holiday photos.
9. Make annual Cheese trees.
10. Donate some unused toys to someone or something.
11. Deliver grandpa his mixed nuts and sing them Christmas carols.
12. Candle light Christmas Eve dinner. Read the Christmas story. Open (jammy) gift. :o)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tree farm 2011

We have the Christmas spirit. We shared an early Christmas celebration with the In-laws. The boys have been enjoying the early gifts. They each wrote their notes to Santa which will be framed for all time. Soo Soo cute. I love all of the mispelled sounded out words. You know like the "Santa, I wut for kissimis"....(I want for Christmas). Both boys were modest this year. They had 1 to 2 things on their lists. Slowly they are thinking of more things but I was rather happy with their simple wishes. This season is wonderful isn't it? I enjoy the music, the hustle and bustle, the traditions of old and new. Sharing it with my family is warm and magical. I will treasure these memories forever!
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Christmas tree 2011

We tried a new Christmas tree farm this year. Grandpa and Grandma Hall came along. Parker missed having snow during the event. Payton loved playing hide and seek in the trees with papa. John picked the most perfect tree. And I enjoyed watching the giddyness of it all. John used his hunky big muscles to load the tree and tie it down on top of the van. I would say that was one of my favorite parts too. That man is so handsome. We went on a hunt for the perfect tree stand. Had a little lunch then we ended the evening with Christmas music, tree decorating, and watched the ELF. A family favorite.
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Awesome love

Here is our Christmas tree uprising 2011. In no particular order. Here is my awesome hubby who makes all things fun and is such a blessing to our lives.

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