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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No Sharp Teeth Allowed

Here is Payton practicing his letters. After he was done he informed me that it was a sign. I am assuming to post at our house. It says NO SHARP TEETH ALLOWED. It made me chuckle.
I guess we would have to make an exception for Edward........ if he were real.

Drive in movie

The boys stayed up for both movies. They ended around 1:20 a.m.
Got a little chilly so we watched from the back of the van.

I think this picture is funny of Payton. It is titled "always on the move"!

Totally engrossed.

Waiting for the movie. Just a little antsy after consuming lots of sugar!

camping with the church

The Kinsey's
The kids waiting on me.

Payton adores Eric, can you tell?

Doughnut eating contest, with hands behind back. Lexi, on the right won.

All the kids rounded up for the scavenger hunt.

hammerhead time!

grandma and grandpa's visist

kids swimming in hotel pool