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Monday, December 29, 2008

It seems to take forever for Christmas to get here. But once here it flies by. It's now time to buckle down for a long winter. I am trying to come up with some family activities at church to keep us connected to our friends and out of the house getting some exercise.

There was no shortage of enthusiasm Christmas morning. The boys showed no preference for one thing over another. They loved it all. We spent the morning at grandma and grandpa's and then headed to Johns side of the family for dinner. The boys love playing with their cousins it is something that goes by way to quick for them. They are never ready to leave one household and head to the next.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Park has been asking to make cookies all week, so today we had a free day to get creative. He made sure to Pack one in daddys lunch for him. Daddy is his super-man and of course it has nothing to do with John telling him that he is secretly super-man :o). Parkie was so lovey dovey after we were done. He had a little mom time and it paid off in hugs and kisses. Payton had a hard time deciding which one not to eat. He made a gingerbread man that looked like it was breakdancing. He was going to give it to Wade (his dancing buddy) but ate its leg off instead. Sorry Wade! Zac you get the super tough and cool lamb. I promise he only licked it twice!

thanks-mas: a little breakdancing, a little mafia, alot of food

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Awe a bit of peace and quite. My children are at awanna having a great time and I can recap on a really wonderful day. It started with the awanna lessons. I was going over the lesson with the two older ones, reading through their verses and discussing Jesus talking about being born again. The study was on John chapter 3. Jesus talks about the holy spirit. So we talked about the trees swaying in the wind and how we can't see the wind just the movement of the trees makes the wind apparant. And how that is similar to the holy spirit. We can't see it we can only see the affects of it in peoples lives. The verse then led us to talk about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and Kaylie asked if Jesus died to get out of here? (It was something to that affect) ;O) I told her that he died so that the holy spirit could come and live inside of us. I explained that the holy spirit can wisper to our spirits when GOD wants us to go and give someone a hug. I told her it can give us direction and warn us about things. GOD uses the holy spirit as one way of talking to us. When we ask the Lord to forgive our sins and ask Jesus to come and live in our hearts he fills our hearts with the holy spirit. She put her playdoe down and folded her little hands together and said Jesus please forgive my sins and come and live in my heart. She then picked up her playdoe and started cutting out animal cookie shapes. And that was that.